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PREMINT is widely used by the world’s top NFT artists, communities, brands and celebrities to build allow lists for top NFT projects. PREMINT is dedicated to building the best tools for both Creators and Collectors.

The Collector Pass is suitable for NFT investors/ collectors looking to supercharge their efforts by gaining access to allow lists, mint calendars, collector dashboard and often early access/ discounts to other collector tools. The Collector Pass has already been minted out but can be collected on secondary.

The Creator Key (which this guide is for) is suitable for NFT projects, founders and teams launching and managing projects. The Creator Key is your access to the full suite of Premint Creator tools used by some of the best projects in the NFT ecosystem, including XCOPY, Veefriends, Moonbirds and many many more.

Our most popular use case is creators creating different registration pages on PREMINT (with different requirements). Everyone can view these pages but only those meeting the specified requirements can register. Creators then select a portion of the registered users as “winners” - using a raffle or manually. Winners get an email that they have won and also (in some cases) mint reminder emails closer to the mint date.

A simplified process flow of using PREMINT for allowlist management is as below: PREMINT Page for the project —> User Registrations —> Raffle —> Export winners’ list —> Use this list in the smart contract

This guide is intended to run creators through the use of the Creator Key. For any support or queries not related to the Creator Key, please DM us on Twitter. This guide is intended to show you how to:

(i) configure and set up your PREMINT lists

(ii) leverage PREMINT's features for the best collector experience.

While this guide focuses on allowlist management for NFT projects, creators have also used PREMINT for more creative uses like airdrops, ticketing for IRL events, giveaways etc. Also, we are intentionally creating a guide which focusses on the building blocks of PREMINT and not just the how-tos. We believe that you will be able to figure out the how reasonably easily if you understand these basics well.

Some key aspects related to the Creator Key:

  • The Creator Key costs 1Ξ and can be minted from https://creators.premint.xyz/

  • The Creator Key is not meant to be transfered or sold/ purchased once activated and if bought elsewhere (as against being minted from our website), will not work.

  • The Creator Key does not offer any marketing or exposure related utility (most creators are able to showcase their project to PREMINT Collector Pass holders but this is not guaranteed. So we suggest creators mint the Creator Key only if they think all other features, without the potential exposure, are valuable.

  • The Creator Key helps project teams free up their time so they can focus on higher value aspects of their projects.

  • We believe that your strategy, artwork, community building, marketing etc. will account for 99% of your project's success. Please do not expect that the use of PREMINT alone will attract users to your project or will cause it to mint out.

The PREMINT Creator Key does not offer any marketing or exposure related utility.

Our use of “PREMINT” in this guide will imply the creator functionality going forward. Additionally, we mean NFT collectors in general, not just PREMINT Collector Pass holders, when referring to “collectors”.

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