Alerting winners


The first time a user registers on a PREMINT page, they are prompted to enter their email address. This email address is stored in our database but not shared with creators. We send two types of project related emails to users (if the user has not unsubscribed from these emails):

  1. When they win allowlist spots or are waitlisted (when a projct finalizes winners)

  2. Mint reminders sent a day prior to the mint and the day of the mint (sent only to PREMINT Collector Pass holders)

These emails do mention your project name and have your project’s PREMINT URL but they can’t be customized.

Please note that these emails are sent only if the collector has:

  • shared their email address with PREMINT

  • allowed PREMINT to send emails related to winning

  • registered on the list themselves (as against being manually added)

  • verified their email address (by clicking a link in the confirmation email sent by us)

  • not linked email services like Hotmail or Outlook, which are known to block our emails, to PREMINT

Custom message on your PREMINT page

You can set custom messages which your users can see when winners are finalized depending on whether the user won, is waitlisted or did not win. You can set custom messages by accessing Project settings > Raffle.

Please remember to set these messages before you finalize winners as almost all settings related to the project are locked when you finalize.

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