Cleaning bots after they register

With the increase in financial opportunity in the NFT space, we are seeing a significant uptick in the number of bots. Additionally, with many free mints these days, it is often profitable for botters to get as many allowlist spots as possible. However, groups of people controlling a large inventory is often risky for projects and their communities. More so, when these users are interested only in flipping your project asap and not the art or the community.

That makes it very important to deal with bots. Broadly there are three different stages at which we can combat bots:

  1. Before they register for your list

  2. While they are registering

  3. After they register

While our team has some tools in place for all three stages (which we use at our end), as a creator you can take steps to prevent bots from registering for yor list. Preventing bots from registering is highly recommended as it helps you get a better clarity about your project’s real demand. Additionally, the later you eliminate users, there is a chance that you will filter out higher value legit users.

Preventing bots from registering to your list

Please check this page for steps to prevent bots from registering for your list.

Removing bots after they have already joined

In case you could not follow the above mentioned steps and find that your list has many bots, you can use our “Remove bots” functionality to filter out low quality accounts. By “filter out” or “disqualify” we mean that these users would continue to appear in your user list as registered but would not be able to win. raffles

You can access this from Project settings > Entry List > Remove Bots in PREMINT. Here, you can filter out accounts based on the frequency of use of their IP address, the number of followers on Twitter and the age of the Twitter account.

Users of popular VPN services often share the same IP address, so please exercise caution while using this setting.

Each section in this page indicates how many low quality accounts would be disqualified if you click on the ”Clean List” button at the bottom of the page. We will continue adding more filters here to help creators target low quality accounts in different ways. Also, please note that you can reset this disqualification flag from all users any time you wish by clicking on the “Reset Disqualified” button.

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