What is a PREMINT project/list/page?

Creators and our team often use the terms PREMINT project, PREMINT list, PREMINT page and PREMINT registration page interchangeably and they all mean the same thing in this guide. However, a Premint project is not equivalent to an NFT project as a creator launchinig an NFT project may create multiple PREMINT projects. Each page has a unique URL and can be viewed by anyone.

When should I create mulitple pages?

A PREMINT project is the public facing webpage on which users can register. An NFT project can have a single or multiple pages depending on their requirements. If you have the same set of requirements and settings (registration start date, end date, the date when you pick winners, raffle vs guaranteed etc) for all registrations, you can use just one page.

However, if you have a separate set of requirements or settings, then you need to create multiple pages. For example, you assign the role “OG” to the first 1000 members in your discord server and you want these OGs to have guaranteed allowlist spots. You also want to rafle 9000 allowlist spots to everyone else.

In this case, you need to create one page for OG (one of the registration requirements will OG role in your server) and another for everyone else.

Another case where we see creators creating multiple pages is when they wish to declare winners sequentially. Suppose you create a discord server on January 1 and have reasonable social media and discord buzz in the first couple of weeks. You think based on the hype, you would like to allocate 30% of your whitelist, but not 100% yet. You can create a page with suitable requirements and pick winners in a few days. After a week or so, you can create an identical page and pick winners again and so on. In this situation, some creators choose to create just one list and pick all winners together as it is simpler and less work for everyone involved, including collectors. But in other cases, creators feel that many collectors may lose interest if they do not see any allowlisting progress and may leave their server. So they choose to create multiple projects sequentially and pick winners. This also ensures that the early collectors get more chances of getting allowlisted.

Collabs and parent-child relationship

We will describe collabs in more detail in a subsequent section. In the meantime, we would like to point out that the main PREMINT page and all collabs created in it share a parent- child relationship. Collabs inherit all properties/ settings of the parent page.

Let’s say you already have a page (called project-public) accepting registrations. Now you want to offer allowlist spots to 5 NFT projects you have agreed terms with. You can access project-public and create these 5 collabs in it. Now the page project-public will act as the parent and the 5 collabs as children. As they share same properties and are linked, you can select winners for all of them together, not one at a time.

If project-public had a balance requirement of 0.2 eth, discord role requirement of “human” in your server and a requirement to follow the twitter handle “project”, all 5 collabs will have these requirements too.

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