Collabs or allowlist giveaways are an offer of allowlist spots to some other community, most commonly an NFT project. In addition to NFT projects, you could offer allowlist spots to a Twitter Influencer’s followers, a YouTuber, a community on discord etc.

I know what a collab is in the NFT Space. Is PREMINT collab the same?

Collabs on PREMINT are a small subset of the above and only relate to allowlist offers made to NFT projects. Especially the ones on eth mainnet and which do not involve staking. Most projects which involve staking require the asset to be transefererd to a staking wallet. As a result, the NFT is technically owned by the staking wallet and not the user who had purchased it. That’s why simple NFT ownership test fails and PREMINT collabs do not work with staking.

There is a button called “Collabs” on the left hand side of a project dashboard. Clicking on it brings a small set of projects (these projects are examples or shortcuts) which you can offer allowlist spots to. But you need not be limited to these projects and can collab with projects not listed on this page by entering their opensea slug.

If I create a collab, will the other project receive any notification?

That depends on which project are you offering your allowlist spots to. If you are offering spots to PREMINT Collector pass holders, our team receives a notification and will review the project.

For collabs with any other project, PREMINT only helps with the registration and the raffle portion of the collab. The actual communication with the the other project's holders or their team would need to be done by you outside of Premint.

Additionally, the status and the review (in the collabs section in your project dashboard) are applicable only to collabs with PREMINT collector pass currently. So, the status of collabs with any project other than the PREMINT Collector pass will always be “Not yet reviewed” and you can ignore these.

It is important to note that the pages you created are accessible by anyone on the web. The purpose of the discussion and approval from other projects is to make the other project’s community aware about your project. Without the project team posting about your allowlist offer on their discord server or twitter, those holders will probably not know about your project or your allowlist offer.

Collabs with PREMINT Collector pass holders

When you create an allowlist offer for PREMINT Collector pass holders, our team gets a notification. We then review it based on a confidential framework within 7 days (roughly) of submission. If approved, your project appears in the “Allowlist Offers” section of the collector dashboard and is shown to all collector pass holders (8k unique holders) who access that page.

There is a special category of collabs called “Collabs Council picks” which are projects which our Collabs Council members find most interesting. These comprise a very small portion of all allowlist offers and are projects which our team reaches out to (as opposed to projects approaching us). Neither these nor the other collabs are a stamp of approval from our team and neither should be considered financial advice.

Also, please note that there is a review process for collabs and a very small number of offers are actually approved by our team. Holding the Creator Key does not guarantee that your allowlist offer will get approved.

How do I offer allowlist spots to projects which involve staking? Or communities without an NFT project (or a Twitter Influencer etc.)?

Though these offers seem to share most settings/ requirements as your main project, you can’t set these up using PREMINT’s collab functionality currently. You would need to duplicate your main project, and then modify (or add) requirements suitably.

Thus, each of these collabs will be a separate PREMINT page.

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