This page covers various topics which are not large enough to merit a page of their own. Read on to find out more about:

  1. PREMINT for marketing (or access to the collector pass holder community)

  2. Explore section of Collector Pass dashboard

  3. Collab review framework

  4. Creator pass vs Creator key

  5. Requirements which can be set on registration pages

  6. Why is my Premint page saying "Registration closed"?

  7. Custom text field


  9. Discord bot

PREMINT for marketing (or access to the collector pass holder community)

PREMINT is an allowlist management tool and not suitable for being used as a tool for marketing or getting exposure. For most creators, there is no access to the PREMINT collector pass holder community as a very small number of allowlist offers is approved. We urge creators to not buy the PREMINT Creator Key for access to the collector pass holder community or any kind of use case involving marketing or exposure.

Explore section of the Collector Pass dashboard

The explore section of the Collector Pass dashboard lists projects in three different categories:

  1. New (projects created in the last 2 days)

  2. Trending (based on the number of registrations received in the past week)

  3. Top (based on the total number of registrations received ever)

These categories are entirely algorithmic and projects are shown in these categories based on the relative number of their registrations in a given timeframe compared to other projects. As these are relative, there is no set number of registrations which guarantees that your project would appear in these categories.

Collab types and review

There is a special category of collabs (or allowlist offers) called “Collabs Council picks” which are projects which our Collabs Council members find most interesting. These form a very small portion of all allowlist offers and are projects which our team reaches out to (as opposed to projects approaching us). Neither these nor the other collabs are a stamp of approval from our team and neither are considered financial advice.

Also, please note that there is a review process for collabs and a very small number of offers are actually approved by our team. Holding the Creator Key does not guarantee that your allowlist offer will get approved. We have a confidential framwework consisting of objective and qualitative parameters by which we judge projects. We do not plan to disclose this as some creators may try to game the system and that is not where we want anyone’s energy to be wasted.

Creator Pass vs Creator Key

Both are identical when it comes to functionality or features. The Creator Pass is what we originally called our Creator product offering. It was on the OpenSea contract which did not give us the kind of flexibility we needed. So we created a new contract and renamed the Creator product offering to Creator Key to avoid confusion. All creators minting from our website now get the Creator Key.

You will often see the phrases "Creator Key" and "Creator Pass” used interchangeably in our server. The Creator Pass does not provide any advantages over the Creator Key and vice versa.

Requirements which can be set on registration pages

PREMINT supports setting these requirements for users to register on your list. You can use just one of these requirements or all or any combination as you wish.

  1. Minimum eth balance (currently checked only at the time of registration)

  2. Ownership of an NFT from specific collections (you can check if the user owns from collection A or collection B)

  3. Twitter verification (ensures that the user has a valid Twitter account)

  4. Follow users on Twitter (you can require users to follow multiple Twitter accounts)

  5. Discord verification (ensures that the user has a valid Discord account)

  6. Discord membership (the user should be a part of a specific discord server)

  7. Specific roles in a discord server (require users to have Role A or Role B in a Discord server). Please note that you can’t check roels/ presence on multiple discord servers yet and checking this is on the roadmap.

Project saying "Registration closed"

Your Premint page would say "Registration closed" if any of the below is true:

  1. The registration start datetime is in the future

  2. The registration end datetime is in the past

  3. The mint date is in the past

  4. The raffle date is in the past

  5. Your page has received the maximum number of entries set by you

  6. Your page was setup as guaranteed (as against raffle) and you have received the number of registrations equal to the number of winners you had initially specified.

Once you identify what is causing your page to show your registration to be closed, you can modify that setting and hit save to correct this.

Custom text field

Premint supports the use of one custom text field which creators can use to accept a user input (examples include email address, the number of mints requested, solana wallet address etc.). Creators can choose to include the custom field or exclude it. But if it is included, it is mandatory. That is, if included, every registering user will necessarily need to fill it.

Please note that this is a plain text input field and there is no validation on this field.


Our API is very basic, in early days and has many limitations. But creators have used it to design some custom solutions like auto assigning roles to their users or allowing access to a section of their website only if they have registered on PREMINT.

You can use our API to get the wallet list of all user registrations, limit these by status (winner, waitlist, disqualified) or choose to receive additional details like their discord and twitter information, eth balance etc.

You can find more information in Project Settings > API.

Discord bot

Our discord bot lets you post raffles, announce winners and remind your community about your upcoming mint. While the Vulcan bot (https://www.vulcan.xyz/) has a lot of functionality for Web3 creators and communities, please follow the steps below for the use case related to PREMINT posts (described above):

  1. Install Vulcan in your discord server and give it the required permissions

  2. Visit https://www.vulcan.xyz/ and login with your discord ID

  3. If you see multiple discord servers here, select the server you wish to post discord alerts to

  4. From the left side panel, go to PREMINT Bot (in the BOTS group)

  5. Click on the button "Create New API Key" located on the right. You may need to scroll down to get to this button.

  6. Copy the API key somewhere (Please note that Steps 2 to 6 need to be done on the Vulcan website)

  7. Go to your project dashboard in https://www.premint.xyz/ and navigate to "Discord Alerts" in the left panel

  8. Enter the API key which you copied in Step 6

  9. Select the channel you want to post each type of message in (Announcements, Winners, Mint Reminders).

  10. Click on the post button to post the raffle to your server

You need to manually trigger a post related to your raffle but posts related to winners and mint reminders are automated.

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