Manually adding/updating entries

Projects often need to add wallets to their allowlist maually. These could be members of their staff, or their early supporters or Influencers they have collaborated with. Rather than maintaining these separately, it is cleaner to enter these manually in your main list and mark them as winners. This ensures that you would be dealing with lesser number of csv files eventually, thereby reducing the chances of missing out a file and consequently many people missing out their expected allowlist spots.

Please note that you can only input wallet addresses and not additional information like discord IDs, Twitter username etc. Also, when you upload wallet addresses, PREMINT asks you whether you want to mark these users as:

  • Winners

  • Waitlist

  • Disqualified

The third use case is quite interesting. Creators sometimes export their user list, apply various filters (eth balance, Twitter account age, followers etc.) and generate a list of wallets which they believe are low quality. They then upload these and mark them as disqualified.

How to upload wallet addresses manually?

Please access Project settings > Entry List > Bulk Update.

Select the category of these wallets (Winners, waitlist or disqualified) and paste wallet addresses such that there is just one address on each line.

Manually uploaded addresses and notifications

You may be aware that users who win allowlist spots or are waitlisted get emails from PREMINT that they won or are waitlisted as soon as your list is finalized. In addition, these users also get email mint reminders closer to your mint date.

Manually added users do not get emails related to winning or mint reminders (please check the page Alerting winners for details). However, if the user had manually registered to your list and you only marked them as a winner using this method, they will get these emails.

If a manually added user visits your PREMINT page, they will get a message on the screen that they have already registered.

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